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Hochschule - Bochum University of Applied Sciences

Logo of the Bochum University of Applied SciencesThe Bochum University of Applied Sciencesoff-site link ist he second largest college in Bochum with its approximately 4,500 students and 350 employees. It was founded in 1972 and is located in the South of Bochum, close to the Ruhr-University.

Teachings and applied sciencesoff-site link take place in three centres of competence at the Hochschule Bochum. Courses of Economics and Management with international adjustment can be found in the Centre of Competence Business. The Centre of Competence Construction hosts the Faculties of Architecture, Civil Engineer Sciences as well as The Faculties of Surveying Sciences and Geographical Computer Sciences. The Centre of Competence Engineering, including the fields of Electrical Engineering, Computer Sciences, Engineering and Mechatronics, also values international qualifications of the students.

A career-accompanying course of studies is possible in some faculties. In most parts, the rearrangement to Bachelor and Master Studies already took place and its accreditment has been successfully completed.

The Hochschule Bochum greatly stresses the personal athmosphere, the short length of one´s studies, an education close to the later career and a certain proximity to practice. Most of the lecturers can look back at several years of practical work experience and therefore are able to involve the students in the research and development work.

Class room (Bild: Jan Schrmann)The course of studies Architectureoff-site link reached a place under the ten best degrees at the nationwide college ranking of the CHE 2004. It is thanks to the assessment of the students that the Faculty of Architecture got such a high position within the ranking. The architects in Bochum train their students like the Americans do: a personal work place in the college is available for every student.

The Faculty of Economics and Management has the most international offersoff-site link. Besides the possibility to study at partner universities such as in Great Britain, France, Ireland and Spain, the college also offers their students of Economics four bi-national courses of studies resulting in double diploma.

At the moment, approximately 720 students are enrolled at the FH Bochum which corresponds to a share of 16%. Most of them were educated in Germany. The majority of the international students come from European countries (approx. 490), from Asia and Africa there are approx. hundred students, respectively.

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